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We’ll get your phone ringing with FLAT-OUT 8020BOOST GENERATION

You know you can’t grow your business effectively without marketing.

The problem with most typical advertising channels like newspapers, yellow pages, radio is that you have no idea what works (and what doesn’t).

You could be spending tens of thousands of dollars on ads and there’s no way to know for sure what worked. In business that's like setting your money on fire.

Can marke​​​​ting be predictable and transparent?

The Internet is THE place to market your ​roofing business in 2018.

When people need their roof repaired, they open Google (more often than not - on their smartphone). 

You can put your website in front of your prospects who are actively looking for roofing  services by using Google Adwords.

Best part?

You can track how many clients you got and how much it costs.

How (not) to waste your ad budget on Google Adwords

I've seen companies that scaled to 7-figures in less than 12 months using *only* Adwords.

However, many roofing business owners tried Adwords and failed. “PPC won’t work our business”, “Cost per click is too high”, “We don’t get enough clients to justify Adwords spendings”.

Since roofing is a pretty competitive niche, it’s easy to fall into the losing side and waste a bunch of money. 

When you’re competing agains a few dozens competitors in your area for clicks, you need to have your Adwords marketing on point.

Most of the companies who are not happy with their Adwords don’t see desired results for two main reasons:

1) They try to do Adwords themselves

2) They work with a random “full service” marketing agency that approach them or created a website for them.

Most marketing agencies don’t care about your marketing results

What I usually see in the local business industry is the following:

- a local web design agency creates a website for the ​roofing business
- the site looks nice, the business owner is happy
- the agency asks the owner: “Hey Mr Owner, you know, these days a website is not enough. Have you thought about marketing your services online?"
- The business owner has seen that the website looks professional, he says yes to the marketing service the agency pitched, he proceeds with the agency and pays a hefty monthly retainer
- After 6 months he gets anxious because he realises that despite his new website and monthly marketing expenses he doesn’t get that many clients...

What went wrong?

Full service “jack of all trades master of none” agency model is to blame here.

Local agencies that do everything for everyone have the wrong structure and motivation.

- They already made money on the website and hosting
- They cannot afford to develop senior Google Adwords talent, they simply cannot excel in everything
- They don’t know what works in roofing niche, they serve many different industries

Need online marketing? Choose a specialised ​roofing lead-generation marketing agency

- We don’t sell fluffy “online presence” or “social media marketing” that doesn’t mean anything.
- We work exclusively with roofing businesses.
- We are a small lean team - you’re not paying overhead cost for agency bureaucracy.


We won’t bore you with technicalities like cost-per-click, display networks or negative keywords.

What we offer is very simple.

Here’s what you get:

  • 30-60 qualified roofing leads each month
  • For a fixed price
  • If you’re not happy - you can cancel anytime
  • Full transparency - you know how many clients you got each month and how much you spent to get those clients

How do we do it?

- First we build an effective, mobile-friendly "landing page” for your business that will convert visitors into leads. You have a homepage, but it's not optimal to use it for Adwords.
- Then we manage Google Adwords campaigns using our own FLAT-OUT ROOFING LEAD GENERATION process.

Tactics we use include precise geo-targeting, separating and testing multiple ad keywords, testing over 40 types of ad-copy, dynamic-text-replacement on the website, social proof plugins and many more.


We’re a lean team of 3:


The face of 8020boost, responsible for business development. His background in military and oil industry made him extremely effective in achieving his goals.


The brain behind the 8020boost generation system - marketing and conversion-rate-optimization expert. Responsible for creating landing pages and delivering results for clients.


Google Adwords professional. Started with Math and Programming background, now utilizes his analytical skills to optimize the hell out of Adwords campaigns

Here's how the idea for ​8020boost generation was born 

Hey, Kamil here, thanks for reading up to this point!

I'm an internet marketer with experience in Design, Copywriting and Conversion Rate Optimization.

I used to work with online agencies - I helped them create better campaigns for their clients by creating high-converting landing pages.  They managed Adwords and when they needed a landing page - they would call me.

I saw firsthand what works and what doesn't work with landing pages. I also saw which agencies delivered results they promised.

Not many... to be honest.

Some agencies I worked with offered various services for various clients. I can't blame them - it's hard to say no when the client is handing you money. But it's also impossible to be truly great at everything...

I was very curious - what differentiated agencies that produced incredible results for clients from the mediocre ones. 

It was specialization.

One guy I worked with was doing Facebook Ads for realtors exclusively and had just a handful of clients. He was way more successful with marketing campaigns than an agency employing 100+ staff that was doing everything for everyone. And he was cheaper, too! 

That's when the idea for 8020boost generation was born - helping roofing businesses with lead generation.

Why roofers?

I've created landing pages for various industries. Roofing was one of the industries where a good landing page made the biggest difference.

It is a competitive niche - you're bidding against dozens of similar companies in your area. But most of them have it wrong - they don't use a dedicated landing page.

If you get a conversion-optimized website, you instantly stand out from the competition!

That's why we're focusing on one service - Google Adwords for one niche only. We came up with a proven lead generation process - FLAT-OUT LEAD GENERATION that brings predictable, consistent results (30-60 leads each month) for a flat rate.

By focusing on one thing we can be truly great at what we do- generating leads for roofing businesses- with precision to a single dollar.

Want to learn more? Let's talk!

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