Proposal for

BioSkin Laser Medical Spa in NY

Goal: Get new clients to the medical spa for $50 or less each, in an automatic, scalable way

Method: Facebook and Instagram Ads directing to a Chatbot on Messenger, where users can browse and book treatments at BioSkin Laser

Users will see an ad of BioSkin Laser

in Messenger and Instagram (on their phones)

and on Facebook (their desktop computers)

The ad will display most popular services of

the medical spa

Step 1.

Once a user clicks an ad, they will open the messenger chatbot. In there, they can learn more about the treatments, see before and after photos, browse and book services.

Ultimate goal is to get as many bookings as possible.

People who used the messenger chatbot but haven't booked can be reached over and over again with new promotions.

Step 2.

Step 3.

When someone books an appointment, your front desk staff gets a notification.

They can follow up with the new customer - ideally by phone, confirm their booking and put their data in your booking management system.

Click to watch the video. In the video, the chatbot works slower than in reality

What you'll get?

Our goal is to create a marketing machine that produces new clients for your medical spa for significantly less money than they're worth (we're aiming at $50 or less per visit)

We'll manage, test and optimize ads on Facebook and Instagram, that will direct users to book treatments in your medical spa.

Additionally, you'll get the chatbot, that's necessary for the booking process, included the package

How much it costs?

It costs $1000 a month management with a $1000 a month ad spend (on Facebook and Instagram ads).

We can offer a special trial offer - $500 a month for management and $500 ad spend (on Facebook and Instagram ads). The trial offer will run for three months. 

Then, if both sides are happy with the cooperation, we can increase the budget.


Facebook and Instagram ads are a terrific way for local businesses like medispas to get new customers in a scalable way - knowing precisely how much it costs to acquire each new customer (we're aiming at $50 or less per visit).

However, you won't get those results the next day.

It usually takes 4 weeks to draw first conclusions and 2 months to start getting results at an optimized cost.

The goal is always to get 3x-10x ROI. For each dollar you spend on ads, get $3-$10 in profit.


After 1st payment ($500 for month 1) is finalized (upfront), we hop on a "content call" together where I learn about your best selling services and marketing strategies used so far.

I collect from you all the visual materials, descriptions, before and after photos - everything that would help us design amazing ads

Weeks 1-4: (MONTH 0) Onboarding and set-up

Then, we create the chatbot and send it to you with all the ads for approval

We'll have a weekly call to ask about:

- if your front desk staff is successfully following up with leads that we produce and

- any issues that has come up and need to be dealt with

You'll get a report every two weeks on the performance of ads.

You'll see how many leads so got each week at what cost.

We test dozens of ad sets for different audiences on Facebook and Instagram, pick winners and keep doing our magic with optimizing the campaigns

Weeks 5-8: (MONTH 1) We run our first month of ads

Weeks 9-12: (MONTH 2) We get better and better results

By now, we should get first conclusions about winning ads and at the end of month 2 start getting optimized cost of acquiring new customers for you medical spa


You need to pay $500 upfront for the 1st month of management.

The set-up and onboarding takes up to 30 days.

You won't be rebilled your second monthly management fee until 60 days from 1st payment (30 days after the "set up and onboarding is finished).

(It means that the 30-day set-up process is free of charge but if it takes longer than 30 days because of waiting for approvals or similar reasons, the first month of paid management will be shorter - we want to avoid delays and get started as soon as possible!)

During week 8, you'll be billed for MONTH 2

My name is Kamil Kaminski.

I've been working in online marketing for 5 years. I've learnt in from scratch putting my own money at stake - by growing my own business - educational test-prep site.

Now, I'm focusing on helping local businesses in USA get more clients in a scalable way with cutting-edge marketing strategies.

I had an honour to be a speaker on a few online marketing conferences

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Website: and

Piotr Deptuch

Funny enough Piotr has learnt his online marketing chops while working on his own business in a similar niche as well (maybe that's why we instantly clicked).

Piotr - a psychologist - has taught people how to learn more effectively and has built his website's success almost exclusively by mastering FB ads for a few years and constantly reaching new audiences for his online products.

He has found more success and satisfaction by utilizing his skills - FB Ads and Chatbots to help local businesses in various niches to get clients


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