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Good marketing is not about shouting “I’m the best” from the rooftops - it’s about educating your prospective patients

Many doctors that I spoke with are hesitant to reap full benefits of online marketing campaigns. Their reasons are:

  • I don't need online marketing, cosmetic surgery patients come mainly from referrals
  • It’s not ethical for doctors to advertise
  • Advertising brings bad patients

You don’t have to (or shouldn’t) make any claims. Cosmetic surgery is not like selling a vacuum cleaner - you can’t just go around saying “it’s the best” or “better than competitors”.

Good marketing for cosmetic surgeons is like giving a 1-1 patient consultation: it’s genuine, educational, builds trust and relationship with the patient.

Using online marketing you can reach hundreds of prospective patients who are looking for information about the procedure and you can become their trusted source of information.

If you’re using the right educational marketing and you’re not overpromising, online marketing will bring better qualified patients with realistic expectations

The goal of the patient consultation is to educate and qualify the patient. Same with marketing: if you’re giving real, genuine information, the potential patient starts to trust you (before they even met you!) and gets reasonable expectations.

Our marketing “mimics” patient consultations.

However, instead you giving one at a time, you can reach hundreds of prospective patients - all automatically, without taking a second of your precious time

Sure, best patients come from referrals, but it’s a slow process and not every woman who had a liposuction will want to share that with her friends.

Online marketing CAN WORK and beat referrals! Online marketing allows clinics to build a base of almost-ready-to-call patients in an automatic way by educating them and showing the surgeon’s experience.

The Internet has changed everything. Even if most of your patients come from referrals, they still need to be convinced

Nowadays, patients can find and research dozens of surgeons in their area in seconds using their smartphone.

Even if they heard about you from a friend, one recommendation may not be enough these days - they will research everything they can find about you (as well as 10 other surgeons in the area as well). They will choose their surgeon after WEEKS of meticulous research. 

Well-designed online marketing campaign will work for both prospective patients who have never heard about you and prospective patients who have heard about you from their friends or family.

Cosmetic surgery is not like any other niche - you can’t market it the same way.

Most potential patients will think about a procedure for 12-24 months and when they decide to finally have it, they want it NOW.

That’s why we design our marketing systems with a long-term result in mind. Our marketing allows the surgeon to stay in front of prospective patients for months- feeding them educational content about the exact procedure the patient is interested in.

That’s why when the patient finally decides they’re ready to have the procedure, our surgeon is the only one the patient has in mind.

Most practices miss out on around 97% of potential consultations from their websites…

It sounds crazy, but most online marketing is focused on reaching just 3% of your potential customers. Why?

Only 3% of visitors in your website are ready to have the procedure NOW.

The other 97% are not - yet...

It’s not a reliable strategy to just throw more money at Google Ads (or pay an agency to do it) and hope to get more patients as a result. 

The best strategy is to focus on the remaining 97% and slowly nudge them towards booking a consultation when they’re ready in the future. 

Use valuable information about the procedure, your experience and results of your patients and they will slowly start to trust you and think about you as the only surgeon for them,

We understand the mindset of cosmetic surgery patients

Learn how you practice can ethically and effectively get 10-15 new cosmetic surgery patients a month who will trust you and stay with you for a long time

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The rest of our skilled team: Lucas Summer - a retargeting specialist, Jake Berger - a conversion copywriter and Jerzy Zielinski - a funnel expert.

I've been doing internet marketing for over 5 years and I’ve found cosmetic surgeons to be one of the most satisfying clients to work with.

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