When you say
“I just want a simple cremation”,
we understand exactly what you mean

Dignified, simple cremation for your loved one anywhere in Florida for $1295.

Make all necessary arrangements from the comfort of your home without appointments in a funeral home.

When you’re faced with the emotional strain of saying “goodbye” to your loved one, driving halfway across town to sign legal forms is the last thing you want to do.

We will transport the body to the nearest crematorium, take care of everything and return the cremated remains back to you anywhere in the Continental U.S. - without you having to leave your home at any point.

Complete all the legal forms from your computer with our easy-to-use online platform.

Stay ‘in-the-know’ 24-7

You can choose how often to be notified during the process. You can also choose whether to receive notifications via phone, email, or both. In any case, you’ll know what’s going on 100% of the time.

You’ll also have 24-7 access to a dedicated agent who you can contact at anytime..

Complete arrangements and get the cremated remains shipped to your front door in 5 business days*

We understand that unnecessary waiting only brings more pain and the family cannot fully start grieving until all formal arrangements are finalized.

Many traditional funeral homes can have a turnaround time of up to 2-3 weeks. Whereas 85% of the time, we ship the cremated remains in only 5 business days.

Why do we care about making cremation simple?

I'm Jamie Watts,

I’ve been serving in cremation and funeral service for 30 years.

In 2005 when my father passed, everything changed for me.

I thought I would be prepared for this (we’ve helped over 10,000 families with cremation of their loved ones) but I found myself lost, scared and confused. Feeling like everything was out of my control.

Contacting relatives, organizing documents, making arrangements... At the time it all felt overwhelming and complicated - even though I knew the procedures like the back of my hand.

When I had finished grieving, I looked back and thought, “There has to be a better way.” Funeral services are too complicated for no good reason

- apart from dishonest vendors making money by praying on vulnerable relatives.

That’s when I decided that my mission is to bring some peace of mind and control to families when they feel like their world is turning around. 

We strive to make the cremation process as simple, dignified and transparent as we possibly can and to offer honest help to families when they’re most vulnerable.

How does the Cremation Service process work?

1. Call us to organize the transportation from the place of death anywhere in Florida to the nearest crematorium

2. Use your computer to complete all necessary details - anytime from your home

3. The body rests in refrigeration while we get the death certificate and approval for cremation signed as soon as possible.

4. ​Cremation is performed by a licenced cremation provider

5. ​Choose an optional decorative urn, keepsake or jewelry

6. ​Choose where you want the cremated remains to be shipped (anywhere in the Continental U.S.)

7. Veteran? 

8. Once you get the cremated remains, your family can start grieving and finally get closure

What’s included in the $1295 Cremation Service?

Be cautious of cremation providers who quote an attractively low price, yet forget to mention all the hidden costs. When you receive the final bill: you may find a fee for transporting the body, additional days of the refrigeration, additional shipping fees…

We believe in transparency. You should know upfront exactly how much cremation services cost. At each step, you’ll have the full cost laid out in front of you.

Our cremation service comes with a fixed price and a ‘no hidden fees’ guarantee. There will never be pressure to buy “extra add-ons”.

Simple Cremation at $1295 covers the cost of:

Transportation of your loved one from any address in the State of Florida

Required refrigeration prior to cremation

A temporary container for your loved one’s cremains

Social Security notification and death certificate filing

Professional cremation service performed by a licensed, caring provider

Completion of all required legal forms

An alternative container for the cremation process

Shipping of the cremains anywhere in the continental U.S.

What’s not included?

Medical examiner’s fee. If required (under Florida Statute 406.1(1)(c), medical examiners can charge a fee to give permission to cremate. This fee only applies in certain Florida counties.

Optional next-day courier shipping

Death certificate copies, if needed ($12 per copy)

Additional items like a permanent decorative urn, keepsakes or jewelry

Book arrangements in advance

When the death of a loved one is imminent, many people feel out of control. Rather than sitting and waiting, you can start taking steps towards the future.

You can book the arrangements with us in advance to make it easier for the family before the real stress begins.

All the necessary details will be in the system and the cremation service will be arranged, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

We’re a family-operated business providing simple and dignified cremation services to families in Florida for 30 years

At Worth Cremation Service of Florida we often serve the same family many times. 

We are licensed by the Florida Funeral Board. Our license number is F040902 and can be verified by calling the Florida Funeral Board at (850) 413-3039. 

Chaplain Jamie D. Watts

CEO of Cremation of Florida, is a 4th-generation funeral services provider, going all the way back to his great-grandfather William Watts who assisted families in the 1800’s.

He is a licensed Funeral Director in Florida and Georgia, and the CEO of Southern Shipping and Cremation LLC, the parent company of Worth Cremation Service of Florida.

Jamie also serves as a City Councilman and Vice-Mayor of the Town of Welaka, FL. He currently serves as chaplain for Florida’s Emergency Disaster Team: FEMORT. 

​Margaret M. Watts

Margaret has served in Funeral Service for over 30 years, working alongside her son Jamie for over 20 years. She is a licensed funeral director in both Florida and Georgia and the co-owner of the company. As a licensed funeral services professional, she works everyday with families like yours to ensure our cremation services are carried out on time and as promised.

Our clients thoughts on us:

I was very pleased with how Cremation Service of Florida handled two of my sisters’ and my step father's remains. Very cordial, sensitive to our needs and professional. I would tell anyone interested to contact this company for cremation services. They will be taking care of me and the rest of my family when the time comes for their services.


Cremation Service of Florida handled my father’s cremation. They were a fantastic choice as Margaret handled my case and had all the answers and solutions to any problem we encountered- she even answered my call on Thanksgiving Day! Cremation Service of Florida made a tough time much more bearable. They walked me through and handled everything we needed.


Cremation Service of Florida was the best. Professional, timely, more than fair pricing, and they were just really nice during a difficult time. They made the whole process as easy on us as was possible. They did exactly what we asked and what they said they would do. We wholeheartedly recommend them.


Cremation Service of Florida is the absolute best in Florida. They made handling my husband’s cremation simple, during such a difficult time. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was for them to assist us with Mike's military benefits. Thanks again we will be recommending you to everyone we know.


Dignified, simple cremation for your loved one anywhere in Florida for $1295.