CASE STUDY: How we've helped a cosmetic surgeon increase the number of liposuction patients by 50% in 12 months

The client approached us to help her get more liposuction consultations.

1. We've created a long page for this procedure describing everything about the liposuction and the surgeon. We also recorded short videos in her practice and included them so that the whole page mirrors the experience that a potential patient would get on a live consultation.

2. The problem was that we knew that 97% of website visitors are not ready to book a consultation - yet. We needed a way to stay in front of them for a long time.

That's why we've created a special email offer for them - asking for their email address in exchange for an email series educating them about the procedure.

What does the email campaign look like?

1. We've scanned the internet to look for questions people have regarding liposuction.

2. We've interviewed the cosmetic surgeon for hours to extract interesting stories, objections and common questions her patients have.

3. Based on this intel, we've created a series of engaging and personal email - each one of them covered a different aspect of liposuction in a different story. A potential patient would get 8 emails - one every 3 days and then one email every 2 weeks.


20-45 new subscribers every month

381 subscribers in total after 9 months

50% increase in liposuction patients in 12 months

45% average open rate

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Let's work together!

We're looking to partner up with agencies who offer PPC / SEO / webdesign to cosmetic surgeons and would like to improve their clients bottom line while making a profit for their agency : )

Contact us at - we're open to whitelabel our email marketing service and offer 50% lifetime commission.