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We’re offering a white-label email marketing service tailored to medical niches -- cosmetic surgeons, dentist, LASIK, etc.

Refer to us and get 50% commision - lifetime

For the first 3 clients we’re offering a 50% commission. Our email marketing packages start at $1000 / month, which gives the agency $500+ commission every month.

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Improve your clients' bottomline

Our email marketing campaigns are proven to improve effectiveness of PPC and SEO efforts.

We'll make sure to get as many leads as possible out of the traffic your client is getting to their website

How do we do the email marketing for medical niches? Why is it successful?

We create 2 types of email marketing campaigns:

It’s 10x easier to get referrals or sell to previous customers than to find new ones. The same principle applies to cosmetic surgery and other medical niches.

Most clinics never do anything with the email addresses of patients.

An email list of previous patients is a marketing goldmine -- given that the clinic follows HIPAA privacy rules.

We can send a segmented campaign to previous patients that either invites them to an event organized by the clinic or offers a specific promotion.

  • Previous patients re-engagement blasts
  • Lead magnets with email “warm up” campaigns

95% of website visitors are not ready to book a consultation and become patients. Prospective patients will wait to make the decision for 12-24 months (when it comes to invasive cosmetic surgeries)!

The best way to stay in front of them for a long time is email marketing by using engaging and educational content to gradually nudge prospective patients towards calling the practice.

We use procedure-specific lead magnets (e.g. a report “8 things you won’t learn about liposuction from the internet”) that are followed up by relevant email campaigns which build the credibility of the surgeon, educate the client about the procedure, and pre-qualify potential patients.

If a practice uses paid traffic to get new patients, this is the best way to collect leads who are not ready for the procedure yet.

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Case study

Obviously you could do in in-house. But creating email content is complex.

We don’t want to offer generic, cookie-cutter newsletters that won’t get opened or receive clicks.

Effective email marketing has to be segmented, engaging, and relevant.

You can’t write good copy without understanding the surgeon’s unique situation and their typical patient.

Every time we create a marketing campaign, we sit down with the business owner, interview them to extract expertise and personal stories, and then create highly compelling content that will build trust and authority with prospective patients for months -- all on autopilot.

Why outsource email marketing to a dedicated white-label agency?

We've increased the number of liposuction patients for a cosmetic surgeon by 50% in 12 months

20-45 new subscribers every month

381 subscribers after 9 months

50% increase in liposuction patients (in 12 months)

45% average open rate (!)


My name is Kamil Kaminski, I'm a marketing strategist and I work with a team of experienced marketers: Lucas Summer - a retargeting specialist, Jake Berger - a conversion copywriter and Jerzy Zielinski - a funnel expert.

Together we have over 25 years experience in digital marketing and we’ve created successful campaigns for 100s of local clients in United States and Poland.

We chose to work with the cosmetic surgery niche, because there is no other niche where trust plays such a big role.  

Who are we?


8020 IM SOLUTIONS LTD, 20-22 Wenlock Road

LONDON, England N1 7GU

Staying in front of prospective patients is the key to successful marketing for cosmetic surgeons

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Hi there! Please type in the best way to contact you back (phone / email / Skype) and I'll reach out to you in 24 hours, thanks!


Hi there! Please type in the best way to contact you back (phone / email / Skype) and I'll reach out to you in 24 hours, thanks!


Hi there! Please type in the best way to contact you back (phone / email / Skype) and I'll reach out to you in 24 hours, thanks!