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How to get 10+ good online reviews from past clients this week

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In this article I’ll explain:

Why online reviews are the life blood of local businesses marketing

Why 90% of people you ask for reviews won’t leave one

How to get dozens of good reviews from your past clients this week

Obviously the middle option doesn't inspire a lot of trust and I'm 1000% sure that translate into their (lack of) sales.

Reviews play a huge role in the decision process and online reviews can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to online marketing.

The only way to protect your business from getting bad reviews is to proactively FIGHT for good ones until a potential bad review won’t even matter.

Why do you need online reviews?

Build more trust and get more clients

Step into the shoes of a prospective client. They think about getting their nose job done.

They go to google and search for a "rhynoplasty near me"

Cheaper online marketing

I can’t stress how important online reviews are, I’ve heard about local businesses merge into one brand just to get more reviews faster!

This results in being higher in SEO page results, more people calling your website, more people recommending your business – it’s all connected.

If you want your company to be more visible than your competitors – you need a lot of good reviews.

The only remedy for bad reviews is… getting a lot of good reviews

A dissatisfied customer WILL leave a bad review.

A satisfied customer MIGHT leave a good review.

And stuff happens – you can’t always satisfy everyone. With some procedures you can't guarantee amazing outcomes. Other patients might just unrealistic expectations.

Look at this screenshot, this company has a 4.7/5 star rating.

One day someone called, couldn’t reach the company and felt disrespected.

2) Why 90% of clients you asked, won't leave reviews?

If you’ve previously asked a bunch of people for reviews, you know that only 10-20% of them end up leaving one.

They all seem eager but at the end… life gets in the way and they end up not doing what they promised.

Why does that happen?

1) Friction

You ask people to leave a review but they don’t know exactly how to do it or they have to click around 10 times to get to the page where you can do it.

2) Perfectionism and "the blank page syndrome"

People genuinely want to make you a favor, they sit down, open their computer and start writing…They think about a proper sentence… want to add something “nice”… make it sound good… and put it away to finish another time (which is never).

Writing is hard (have you ever spent more than 5 minutes thinking about what birthday wishes to write to your high school buddy on his Facebook profile? I know I have…).

3) How to effectively get a dozen good reviews from past patients this week?

In order to have 90% of people you ask for reviews actually give you what you need, the request has to be:

-Simple and defined

-Not requiring to think too much

Trick 1: Create a direct link (to add reviews in 2 clicks)

Send your past customers an email or a text message with a direct link. All they have to do is just click this one link and leave a review.

Here’s how it looks like:

I created a link like this to my client and he got 9 more reviews in 2 days with it.

How to create a direct link to get reviews?

Go to:

Find your business

Create a link

Use the shorter URL version

Then send it to past clients using email or text messages

Trick 2: Ask them to write about 1 thing

Which seems easier to do?

Hey, can you leave us a review of our service?

Hey, could you write just one sentence about one thing you liked the most about our service?

The second request seems like something I can get done in 20 seconds.

The first one is vague, unspecified and makes me a little bit stressed.

That’s why it works to specify what you need your past customers to write about.

If you don’t care about the length, just ask them to write a 1-sentence review about the 1 thing they liked the most.


The first thing I look at as an online marketer when I try to qualify a local business as a potential client is how many good reviews they have.

If they don’t have much, or have simply bad reviews, I know it will be much harder and expensive for this business to get new patients through the door

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