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4 marketing sins that kill the growth of your Cosmetic Practice

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I learned online marketing by building an online business.

I had to keep asking myself:

-where am I losing potential revenue?

-is there an easy way I don’t see to double my sales?

By answering those 2 questions every week I managed to 10x the revenue in one year.

But it’s easy online - everything is on your website and in your computer.

When you’re caught up in “real life” business situations every day - patients who don’t show up, problematic building manager, untrained staff - it’s hard to step back and see the full picture.

I’ll try to paint that big picture in this article.

You’ll discover 4 typical mistakes that kill the growth of cosmetic practices.

1. Describing your procedures in a technical, not emotional and visual way

Yes, technical description is very important.

But that’s not the first thing that people want to know.

Usually, before being interested in the “how does it work”, people want to know:

Will it improve my life? (better look)

Will it solve my problem (too much fat)

Does it really work?

Are you an expert and can I trust you?

Start with the benefits and visuals - ideally real high-quality before and after photos.

Answer a few common objections, build your authority but busting a few myths.

Then it is a good time to get technical!

2. Wearing too many hats

The doctors and surgeons I had a privilege and pleasure of meeting are probably the most hard-working group of people I know (maybe except some online entrepreneur friends : ))

It’s all good until they become tied in the day-to-day operations of their practices and don’t find the time or energy to do the high-level stuff that would really impact their career and business.

One amazing cosmetic surgeon I work with to get more liposuction patients, wears 4 hats:

A secretary

That’s might be good for now, as she answers less than 5-10 calls a day and she can build trust with prospective patients fast.

But when we started creating campaigns for her and she gets more and more calls- sometimes she would have to spend 20 minutes listening to some guy’s life story who would never qualify for her procedure.

A practice manager

She runs a relatively small practice but with more and more patients, her responsibilities are filling 10 hours a day!

It’s a common “superhero” attitude which helped build the business in the first place but prevents it from growing over a certain level.

In reality, it doesn’t make sense for a top-class surgeon to take care of things like a broken boiler in the practice’s bathroom or hiring a photographer for a photo-shoot.

The face of the practice

This is the most important role business-wise but most often she doesn’t have time to step into this role.

She’s might be the #1 cosmetic surgeon in her field in her country but she doesn’t have time to give interviews, give talks at conferences or write for online authoritative sites.

A surgeon

That’s her primary role which she wants to fulfill.

In a short time, she won’t be finding the time to go to symposiums and conferences she wants to further develop her skills.

3. No reliable strategy of engaging prospective buyers into a journey from curiosity to making an appointment

If you’ve ever done research online before buying something (and of course you have – everyone does!) you know how it goes.

For a small purchase, or one you’ve already decided you are buying, the process is quick – find it, buy it, and you’re done.

But what if there’s more involved in the buying decision? Maybe you want to learn more about the people selling that product or service before you decide. Maybe you need to read all the information you can find first.

Your prospective new patients feel like that, too.

Some of them want to read everything they can find about you and your practice. They’re looking for reassurance that yours is the best practice for them and will spend hours doing their research on you and your practice. 

The goal is to get prospective patients to take the journey from curiosity or to finally becoming a loyal and long-term patient. 

Seldom do people make an appointment with a new office on impulse. It usually takes 3-12 months, depending on the type of procedure.

Even if you’re able to generate interest among potential patients, that’s no guarantee you’ll ever find them sitting in your chair. 

If you’re not helping them become convinced in their own hearts and minds that yours is the practice they should be attached to, they’ll find another office nearby and become their new patient.

There are a couple of online marketing strategies that can easily be used to engage prospective patients.

Good news is - not many practices use those strategies so far. Those that do, have a proven way to systematically become the #1 surgeon in their area.

4. Doing online marketing themselves

I honestly believe that if someone became a doctor or a surgeon - they can basically learn anything.

I know a few doctors who became successful online marketers selling their medical training, ebooks and promoting online consultations.

For all of them, it took several years and thousands of dollars spent on ineffective advertising before they found an effective way to market themselves.

It’s a possible way for sure, but is it worth the time and sacrificing other career opportunities?

Some business owners try this and that, boost a Facebook post or tweak their websites. Most often it gives an illusion of “doing something”, but unless you can clearly say what the ROI is on your marketing actions, it can’t be called effective.

I’m guilty myself of spreading myself too thin. Until recently I was trying to help every client that came to me with any problem that they had.

A lesson I’ve learned after getting burned out is that we are only human and simply can’t be excellent in everything. 

Whenever I hear about some new marketing channel or underutilized tactic that might be useful in my business or help my clients, I want to learn about it as much as I can and then hire someone to execute it for me.

The best way is to simply learn the higher level perspective and hire someone experienced who can build and run this strategy for you. 

Use the time for something that is your superpower.

I hope this article has been helpful in getting some 3rd person perspective into your business.

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